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Founded 1967

American Racing Pigeon Union 1969
Speaks Homing

Speaks TX 77964
United States

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Launching and landing birds in the woods

Enjoying the amazing homing ability of pigeons and keeping the sport alive for future fanciers

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Geoflight Loft was founded in 1967 by Michael and his father George. Their initial membership was with the Northside Limited Club and the American Racing Pigeon Union. The loft was initially stocked with birds from local flyers in the Houston area.

The loft has also been a member of and participated in races with the Northside Limited, San Jacinto Houston and the American Legion racing pigeon clubs, the Houston Racing Pigeon Combine, Greater Southwest Combine and the Gulf Coast Racing Pigeon Association.

In 2004 the loft moved to a rural area near Speaks, Tx.

To honor his father and memorialize his father's love of pigeons, Michael released birds at his father's funeral in 1997.

The loft is thankful for the early mentoring by H.J. Mechler, Robert Hall, Dave Buchanan, Walter Majors, Jack McCoy and the many friendships with flyers in the Houston area.
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