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Founded 1967

American Racing Pigeon Union 1969
Speaks Homing

Speaks TX 77964
United States

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Launching and landing birds in the woods

Enjoying the amazing homing ability of pigeons and keeping the sport alive for future fanciers

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The lofts pictured are the originals from the Houston Heights built in 1966 and the mid '70s.

The loft at the new location is 104 feet long by 12 feet wide with a 5 foot roof overhand in the front. The loft is on piers roughly 3 feet above ground level.

There are 11 sections, each 8 by 8 feet. A 16 by 8 foot entry/feed room is located near the center with an entry door on the front of the loft. A 40 inch wide aisle runs the length of the loft between the back wall and the loft sections.

The roof is 3 in 12 pitch and slopes toward the front over the sections. A second roof level, peaked and 3 feet each side, is located over the aisle and overlaps the main roof in the front and the rear wall. An air gap between the roofs allows upward ventilation as well as a gap along the top of the rear wall. The sections are 8 feet in interior height and the rear wall is 10 feet in height.

The front wall is 30 high along the bottom of the sections and 5 foot of wire up to the top.
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